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About Kian

Full Name: Kian John Francis Egan
Date of birth: 29th April 1980
Star sign: Taurus
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland
School: Summer Hill College
Kian at school
Where do you live now: On the road
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft 10
Kian's profile
Inside Leg Measurement: 31
Chest: 40
Shoe size: 8
Any tattoos: a chinese symbol meaning spirit/soul on his left ankle

Kian's tattoo
Scars/marks: Small scar on face (right cheek)
Family: parents Kevin and Patricia, three brothers: Gavin (28), Tom (22), Colm (4) and three sisters: Viv (30), Fenella (24), Marielle (13)
Kian's family

Childhood photos:


Describe yourself in three words: Romantic, fun, shy
Bad habit: I bite my nails
Rule of life: "Treat everybody the same way you want to be treated"
Phrase that you use often: Alone
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? a beaver
Dream house: Big house in Hollywood

(photo below thanks to Kristin Beckner)
Kian's autograph


Worst class(es): Maths
Best class(es): Art
Hobbies: Music, snooker, pitch and putt, shopping
Instrument: Guitar and piano
Likes: performing on stage, having a good night out and being in Westlife
Dislikes: sushi and rude people
Fave sport(s): Basketball, football
Fave actor: Brad Pitt
Fave actress: Cameron Diaz
Fave male singer: Brian Littrell
Fave female singer: Celine Dion
Most like to meet: Michael Jackson
Who Would Who Have A One 2 One With: Madonna
Most Impressive Person You've Ever Met: Lenny Kravitz
Best movie ever: Titanic
Fave cereal: Frosties
Fave food: Steak and Chips
Worst food: Sushi
Fave soft drink: 7 UP
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds
Fave place to chill: In front of T.V.
Fave place to visit: USA
Fave football team: Liverpool
Fave perfume, men’s: JOOP
Fave perfume, women’s: Loads
Fave clothes: Alexander McQueen shirt, Nicole Farhi cotton jeans
Fave designer: Dolce and Gabbana
Fave colour: Blue or white
Fave book: Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNabb
Fave music: BSB, Boyzone, Five, Chart
Fave song: Baby one more time by Britney Spears, She's Like The Wind (from 'Dirty Dancing')
First record bought: Metallica - Glory of Love
First concert: Michael Jackson in Dublin
U2 or B*Witched: U2
BSB or Boyzone: BSB


Blondes or brunettes: Both
Ideal woman: Good looking, good personality, good fun
Girlfriend? Open to offers
Lovelife Kian says he has dated a couple of fans in the past, and for a while he dated Jessica Forsman, 26. Jessica was a dancer on Westlife's first UK tour and the couple are pictured below together at a Newcastle United football match on Saturday 26th April 2002.
Kian & Jessica

WL with their girlfriends: Shane & Gillian, Kian & Jessica, Nicky & Georgina

Kian is now dating Jodi Albert, actress in UK TV soap 'Hollyoaks' and former singer in girl band 'Girl Thing'. Kian met Jodi while on tour three years ago when she was in Girl thing. They quickly became mates but it's not until last May at a charity soccer match that the romance blossomed, At first Kian tried to play down speculation, “We’ve been good mates for years and now we’ve started dating” he said recently, “We know each other well and I know she’s not just interested in me because I’m in Westlife.” Up until last month (July 2003) Kian was still adamant that the two were seeing each other casually, “Its true that’s I’ve been out with Jodi on a couple of dates but the whole thing has been blown out of proportion he claims,”We enjoy each others company and we have a lot of fun but we are taking it very slowly, Its much to early to say we’re in love but who knows where it ill go? There was a report trying to make out that we were having this big long secret relationship and we were going out with each other for months and were seriously in love I was like ‘whoa chill out’ this isn’t the way things are, sometimes things like that gets frustrating” [taken from news report, 21st August 2003] Kian is pictured below with Jodi at Nicky's wedding, 9th August 2003.

His first kiss : was when he was nine - round the back of the Mervin community centre in Sligo!
Fave one-liner: Don’t use any
Romantic move (eg. flowers): Too many to give away!


"A few months ago I was always asking Louis, 'When are we going to do this, when are we going to do that?' and he said, 'Look Kian, in a year's time you'll be asking me, 'When will we have a day off?'!"
- Kian, April 1999

"The days are gone when you could just put five good-looking lads on stage and that'd be it. You need to be so talented and that's why we'll make it"
- Kian explains why Westlife'll be the next big band

"When I broke up with my first serious girlfriend I was absolutely gutted. One night I was at this club, and of course, my ex-girlfriend was there. After a few drinks I got a little emotional and I ended up just slumped in a corner crying my eyes out all night."

"I was in a holiday centre where this event called the Community Games was taking place. It must have been around midnight and I was sitting on this railing out on a balcony which was a bit wet. Next thing you know, my foot slipped and I fell back. Luckily enough my foot got caught in a clothes line which broke my fall. I fell head first about two storeys and I was still knocked unconcious with a dislocated shoulder. Who knows what would have happened without that washing line?!"
- Kian describes how his life was saved by a washing line

"Nicky's terrified about being stuck in a lift so I'm always dragging him into them, jumping up and down, pretending its stuck, anything just to freak him out! Actually... I torment Nicky about most of his phobias!

"I'm only learning to drive, so there's no point in buying a BMW. I've already bashed the Fiesta off the pillars of the gate at home."
- Kian on why he refuses to ditch his 500 Ford Fiesta

"I did pierce my ear once when I was at school, but I did it with a pin and it really, really hurt!"

"I wouldn't mind maybe having a small one, trouble is, I can't decide which design to choose!
- on getting a tattoo

"Shane's the best at Mortal Kombat, but I'm the king of football games!"
- Kian on who's best at Playstation games

"It would be easy to have a girlfriend in the business. She'd know how to cope with the life,"
- On having a celebrity girlfriend

"I just want a girlfriend, full stop. I'm 19 years of age. I'm red blooded - I need some, you know!"

"'s very hard to describe yourself. I'm quite serious when it comes to the band, I'm dedicated to my work. I love what I do and I make sure everybody loves what they do."

"I'm pretty ridiculous when it comes to buying clothes. I'll get 10 different leather jackets if I like them. Me and Nicky go into shops and say we'll have that one, that one, that one and that one, and those trousers over there. You feel guilty when you buy 10 1,000 jackets and then go next door to buy a diamond ring. My father works really hard for an electricity company and if he found out I was spending money like that he would go mad."
-Kian on his extravagant shopping sprees

"When I was 12 I wrote a note to myself which said, 'I'm going to be a millionaire by the time I'm 21 - by Kian Egan.' My parents have still got it."
Kian's note

"It said in the paper that I was a stripper - not true!"

Bryan on Kian: "He turns into Leonardo DiCaprio for half an hour when hes chatting a girl up"

"Kian annoys me in the morning - he shouts at me to wake up, and even threw water over me once! I hate it."
- Shane on Kian

"I always wanted to be in a rock band and practised at home. Now I have bought myself a little Christmas present from America. It's a Fender Strat guitar and it's beautiful. Every Christmas me and my brother get together and form our own rock band.. He plays bass and I play guitar. There are seven children in my family and all of us play an instrument of some kind so it's in the genes."
- It was a noisy Christmas in the Egan household 2001!

Did You Know...?

Kian's 'Spice Girl' nickname was "Blondie Spice" because of his golden hair.

He worked as a kissogram before joining Westlife!

He's scared of horses!

Kian's first band was called Scrod.

He was paranoid for a while that his phone was tapped.

He plays both piano and guitar, and has been known to play guitar on stage to 'More than Words'

Kian's first proper long-term relationship was with a girl called Sonia

He once splashed out 4,000 on a Rolex watch

Kian says Nicky used to have a really dodgy hair do...

Kian loves any clothes that have dragons on them

Kian has said he wants to either a concert pianist or a big-wig Disney boss if his pop career fails. He's reported to have considered his options when Westlife launched their career in 1999 - just in case they weren't successful - and revealed "I'd definitely still be in the entertainment industry if Westlife hadn't been successful. "I was actually hoping to go to college to try and become the head of entertainment at Disney World. "Either that or be a piano player!"

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