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[June 25, 2006]
Fans of boxer Mike Tyson may soon get to see a whole new side of him – that of a singer, for he plans to record a duet with Irish boy band Westlife. Tyson’s closest pal, Joe Egan, revealed that the ear-biting boxer was actually a huge fan of Westlife, and that he wants to be a part of their music.

"He loves their music so much he wants to be part of it. Mike said he would be honoured to be part of a Westlife recording," the Daily Snack quoted him, as saying.

"Of all the groups he knows, he regards Westlife best. He calls it anti-freeze music and uses it to chill out after a heavy gym session. He’d be happy just to sing on the chorus of a track, but he could always replace Brian McFadden!" he added.

Egan further revealed that Tyson had asked him to contact manager Louis Walsh, so he can sing with the band.

"Mike’s asked me to make contact with Louis Walsh to set the wheels in motion," he said.


[June 24, 2006]
Mark Feehily has dismissed rumours that he plans to marry his gay partner

The gay artist met his partner, a member of former boy band V, Kevin McDaid, last year, and despite being engaged, insists there are no wedding bells yet.

He told the Irish Independent, "There are no wedding plans. There was never any wedding plans, it was totally picked out of the sky.

The star highlighted Canada, where gay marriage is legal, as an ideal holiday destination, but said he would not go there to get married, "I might go to Canada for a holiday, who knows, but not to get married.

"I may get married one day, but there is no notion or plans now."

He was speaking with fellow band mates at an event to raise money for Irish Autism Action.

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