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Kangta & Vanness

Vanness Wu

Name: Vanness Wu
Chinese Name: Wu Jian Hao (吳建豪)
Birthday: August 7, 1978
Height/Weight: 180cm/72kg
Blood Type: A
Birthplace: Los Angelos, United States
Fluency: Mandarin, English
Religion: Christian
Vanness Wu is probably best known for his role in the famous and popular Taiwanese television series, Meteor Garden and its sequel. He is also a part of the (extremely) popular Taiwanese singing group, F4, which is famous not only in Taiwan, but popular in Japan, Phillipines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and many other places in Asia. He has released one solo album, "Body Will Sing" and has represented and advertised in many commercials before, including Pepsi, MP3 Recorder Walkman, Siemans 2118 and Samuel & Kevin.

Born in America, he speaks English and Mandarin with perfect pronounciation. He enjoys singing, dancing, rapping and acting (he has a reputation for being the best dancer in F4). Vanness began singing from an early age and use to be a part of the "L.A. Boyz", a US Taiwanese singing group. At the age of 18, his family consisting of his parents, older sister, and younger brother and sister, moved from America to Taiwan. However, he did not cut off his ties with American pop culture at all - he has recorded a rap that was put on Beyonce Knowles' Asian edition of "Dangerously In Love" and in 2004, co-hosted the 2004 MTV Asia Awards with Michelle Branch.

In 2006, he and Kangta teamed up to release their first single, "SCANDAL", under the group name, Kangta & Vanness, signed under SM Entertainment, a famous Korean agency.


Album: F4:Meteor Rain
Album: F4: Fantasy 4ever
Album: F4: Can't Lose You
Album: Solo: Body Will Sing
Single: Kangta & Vanness: Scandal


Drama: Meteor Garden (2001)
Drama: Meteor Rain (2002)
Drama: Peach Girl (2002)
Drama: Come To My Place (2002)
Drama: Meteor Garden II (2002)
Drama: Say Yes Enterprise (2003)
Movie: Star Runner (2003)
Movie: Dragon Squad (2005)


Name: Kangta
Korean Name: Ahn Chil Hyun
Birthday: October 10, 1979
Height/Weight: 178cm/65kg
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: North Gyeongsan, South Korea
Fluency: Korean
Religion: Unknown
Kangta is probably most famous for being part of the most famous boy band in Korean history, H.O.T. He was one of the lead vocalists, mostly performing H.O.T.'s ballad songs. Not only is he an accomplished singer, he was also talented in the works of song writing and composition. After the group disbanded in 2001, he has released three solo albums since. He was also part of the award-winning project group, titled simply S. The group consisted of him and his friends, Lee Ji Hoon and Shin Hye Sung. Their first album was titled Fr.In.Cl or Friends In Classic.

Kangta got his start when he was thirteen years old. He started out as a back-up dancer for Yoo Young Jin and from there, developed an interest in singing. H.O.T. was formed (along with members Moon Hee Jun, Jang Woo Hyuk, Lee Jae Won and Tony Ahn) -- and shook the Korean music industry.

Though Kangta is not really considered an actor, he has been in a Chinese drama called Magic Touch Of Fate, where he played the role of an evil magician. After the releasal of his third solo album, he announced he was interested in becoming an actor, and later starred in a drama called Loveholic.


Album: H.O.T.: We Hate All Kinds Of Violence
Album: H.O.T.: Wolf & Sheep
Album: H.O.T.: Resurrection
Album: H.O.T.: I Yah!
Album: H.O.T.: Outside Castle
Album: S: Fr.In.Cl
Album: Solo: Polaris
Album: Solo: Pine Tree
Album: Solo: Persona
Single: Kangta & Vanness: Scandal


Drama: Magic Touch Of Fate (2005)
Drama: Loveholic (2005)

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