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Westlife quotes:


"I don’t think I’m really gorgeous, but I’m not butt-ugly either" (well... most of us wouldn’t kick you outa bed boy!)
I'd never go out wearing all white. I'd look like I was in a boy band!"

"I just charm the girls because that's what I'm really good at doing!"

"I used to have a mullet - hairstyles don't get much worse than that!"

"I've got girls hair!"

"I’m not a slag" (but we'd like you to be! )

“Don’t go for a night out with Mark – he’s always falling asleep and I have to wake him up! We’ve drawn on his face loads of times. If you fall asleep on a Westlife night out, you will not wake up the same way!!”

"Of course we fight! We kill each other sometimes!"

"Sometimes, without telling anyone, we all sneak off together and get drunk."

"I used to like girls in miniskirts, but I’m not into that now. I like nice, slick black trousers, with a slick shirt and proper high-heeled shoes- a ladylike image."

"Summertime's always a good time to feel sexy." ( cos of all the bare flesh on view hmmm?)

"I like women with dark hair, dark eyes and white teeth, but I’m also a big fan of the Scandinavian look- natural white blondes with blue eyes and a year round tan."

"Our music is timeless, like the Beach Boys or Bee Gees.


"Snogging is the universal language of the world"

"I don't want to find the right girl just yet - I'm having too much fun!"

“Here love, here’s 2 Kroner – ring your Mam and tell her you won’t be home!"

"I'd like to be Mariah Carey. She's got a great voice - and the other two reasons are obvious!"

"I'm scared of birds. There are whole lotta things I'd do before going into a room with birds." (hope he means feathered kind........)

"I'll never forget opening a teen magazine in Holland and seeing pictures of naked teenagers inside it."

"If Kian’s chatting up a girl, I’ll stay out of the way!"

"I'm really bad at chatting up girls, but once, on holiday in Spain, I plucked up the courage to go over to this really hot lady, who was sitting by the pool. I dived in the water to swim over to her, but ended up banging my chin on the bottom of the pool and as I came up for air I was bleeding all over the place! "

"I never, ever know when I'm getting chatted up! I'm the kind of person who never notices that sort of thing. It goes past me completely!"

Mark: Our song Miss You Nights makes me cry - but for all the wrong reasons...

"We do see a lot of interesting, funny and mad things in the audience. Some girls have been known to pull up their tops"

"That's the nature of this boy band thing - we're disposable."

"The worst thing is that when you ask them to stop screaming outside your door, they'll say: "But we're your fans!"

"I'm not a confident person. I'm shy and reserved."


"I always try to make a resolution but I can never stick to them. I usually try and stop swearing - but it doesn't help, I've even had a swear box before and I put money in it when I swore - but I'd always end up broke!"

"I didn't realize I'd have to travel so much. I thought I'd just stay in Ireland!"

"Sometimes I wear boxer shorts and sometimes nothing but a smile in bed!" (that’s the sort of quote we like to hear about!)

"I wouldn't mind looking like Brad Pitt!" ( you already do handsome!)

"I only have boxer shorts on.... I'll let you see some things, but I won’t let you see everything." (Not a bad start Byrne)

"I like to slide my hands under the pillow and then lay my head on top! I get in a terrible mess."

"I can’t stand fake boobs!"

“How do you like your eggs in the morning?” (bl**dy unfertilised Nicky!)

‘I played strip poker in a hotel when I was about 14. I was staying in Blackpool with my football club. We all lost at some point and ended up streaking down the corridors!’

"The lads say that girls want to grab hold of my bum, but I think it's probably more my blue, twinkly eyes." (Nope lad. it’s your arse - wins every time....)

"I've never bought a nudie mag, I've never ever bought one! I swear to God that I never, ever have! Don't look at me like that!"

"I might have a glance in her knicker drawer" ( referring to Georgina. but he can frisk through my smalls anytime!-preferably when I'm in them!)

"We don't have six packs but we've got kegs."


"Believe it or not, we're actually very clever fellows"-

"Boxer shorts, or sometimes nothing, but usually boxer shorts..." (on what he wears in bed)

"I really love melon for breakfast. It wakes me up and I feel kind of fruity!"

"We're all as bad as each other. It's one casualty per evening!"

"Nobody on tour was safe from us!"

“I’d never pose naked! Oh, OK then I probably would! It’d be an awful thing to do, but I might be persuaded for a billion pounds!” ( get saving! )

“Whatever you do, DON’T take Kian out with you! He’s the most embarrassing drunk in Westlife. He always gets rowdy and mad. Sometimes he may try to bite you too!”

"Some time’s we're terrified of what Bryan might do on stage."

"People are a lot nicer to you because you're in a band - especially girls!"

"I can honestly say I've never ever sent a valentine card to myself! That's sick man!"

I wouldn't say no to a threesome!!! haha"

"Yeah, I've dated a fan before."

“I’ve done IT everywhere, except in a plane! I don't think there's a country I haven't had sex in"

"When I was 8, I slept with a horse!"

"In many ways I prefer horses to women - they never talk back."

"I love short skirts and great legs with stilettos!" (Hopefully on a woman Shane...although you can try them if u wish- can we watch? lol)

"I live a nice bottom but boobs don't impress me much."

"I'd love to own Coca Cola. I'd sit on my bum all day getting rich..."

Bryan ( EX-Band member 1999- March 2004):

"I know too much about them (rest of Westlife) and their bad habits. Id rather snog my own father"

"I wee in lots of places. I peed in a bottle once."

"I farted two seconds before I met the Queen!"

“I can fart in tune and I think that’s a real talent!”

"Would I get completely naked and get my kit off for a magazine? Absolutely!"

"My main rude bit is called mike as in microphone - don't ask!"

"A popular misconception about Shane is that he's good-looking, when it's plain to see that he's the ugliest guy in the world!"

"I must have the most bruised butt in pop!"

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