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Lilly Sue

Full Name : Lilly Sue McFadden

Date of Birth: Monday 03-02-2003

Starsign: Aqarius

Place Of Birth: Mount Carmel Private Hospital, Dublin

Time Of Birth: 10.31pm

Weight at bird: 7lb 7oz

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blond

Mother: Kerry Katona

Father: Brian McFadden

Siblings: Molly McFadden

Grandmums: Mairead McFadden and Sue Katona

Grandfathers: Brendan McFadden

Uncles: none

Aunts: Susan McFadden

God Father: Shane Filan and an aunt of Kerry

Some facts:

*Her first steps where on her 1st birthday!

*The first pics of Lilly where in the OK magazine!


Full Name: Molly Marie McFadden
Nickname: Pooh
Date Of Birth: Friday 31-08-2001
Starsign: Virgo
Place Of Birth: Mount Carmal Private Hospital, Dublin
Time Of Birth: 7.25pm
Weight at Birth: 8lb 2oz
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde

Mother: Kerry
Father: Brian
Sister: Lilly Sue
Grandmums: Mairead McFadden and Sue Katona
Grandfathers: Brendan McFadden
Uncles: none
Aunts: Susan McFadden
*Brian didn't pick any of the westlifers to be her godfather because he didn't think they would be responsible enough.

Some facts:
*She has her first boyfriend when she was only 3 years old
*Molly can sing Bop Bop Baby
*She was the first westlifekid


Full Name: Nicole Rose Filan
Date Of Birth: 23-07-2005
Place Of Birth: Sligo General Hospital
Time Of Birth: 8.27 AM
Weight at Birth: 5lbs 7oz (same weight as when shane was born)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Christening: 27-08-2005

Mother:Gillian Filan
Father: Shane Filan
Grandmums: Mea Filan and Rosaleen Walsh
Granddads: Peter Filan and Michael Walsh
Aunts: Yvonne Filan, Denise Filan, Mairead Filan and Joanna Walsh
Uncles: Finbar Filan, Peter Filan, Liam Filan , Michael Walsh and Emmet Walsh
Godfather: Nicky Byrne

Some facts:
*She came 10 days earlier
*She came to world with a caesarean birth
*She has the same haircolour as her dad!
*She gets loads of presents from the Westlife fans!
Other Facts
*Gillian was induced by Caesarean section after doctors decided fluid in Gillians womb was at an unacceptable low level.
*Shane said the baby was planned
*Baby was due mid-August but was born 10 days early

Gillian when pregnant:
"I'm really excited, a little nervous though, but having Shane, my sister Joanne and my mum visiting me every hour of the day makes me feel better. Shane has been absolutely wonderful to me. He's even doing the housework. Our baby will be loved so much."
"The first time the baby kicked Shane was away on tour but that didnt ruin the moment. I was actually on the phone to him at the time and I suddenly felt this kick. Shane was on the other end of the line and I was going, 'Oh my god, what was that?' I could hardly speak or hear for the next 5 minutes because I was so excited."

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