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  • "He's already planned out family - with five kids. I said no way, so he's compromised and we're having four." - Jodi about her boyfriends Kian Egan.
  • "I won't just get my t*ts out."
  • "If I had a ring for every time I'd got "engaged" I'd have more bling than J.Lo."
  • "Motivating myself to get there is the hardest thing, especially if I 've just got back from work and all I want to do is curl up on the sofa, watch Pretty Woman and eat chocolate!" - Jodi about exercising.
  • "I can't really talk about that..."
  • "Paris was brilliant - you can understand why people call it the city of romance. We were lucky to play in such a beautiful place. We got caught up in the atmosphere, so we were excited when we went on stage and people really took to us." Jodi about Girl Thing's gig at The Eiffel Tower
  • "We stared at it and we just started screaming!"
  • "Me and Anika went to see a film in London. Afterwards we decided to visit the Pepsi Chart show, and when we came out we saw all these flashes go off. We just ran to our car as fast as we could. I still don't know why we ran - we should have stopped and posed!"
  • "I can’t go shopping without buying something, window shopping is depressing."
  • "I hate my feet!"
  • "I'm terrible when I go out. If there's music, I have to dance. When I go out, I GO OUT!"
  • "Yeah, I love it. Can't get enough of myself."
  • "I'd say to him, 'You know what? There'll never be a better ET, so let's not even bother making ET 2"
  • "I'd prefer people to say, she's a really shit or a really good actress, not 'her boobs aren't that great'."
  • "He'd be a pizza, 'cos we always eat pizza! That's crap, isn't it?"
  • "Ooerbleurur!"
  • "I feel like a lion, because I'm ready to attack."
  • "Oh my God, yeah! I didn't know anyone else got that! Isn't that weird?"
  • "No way - that would be far too cheesy."
  • "Yeah, a UFO might come over for a cuppa."
  • "I forgot to feed my hamster, and it died. It was called Coco. My nan called me a murderer."
  • "I've known them since before they were famous so I just see them as regular guys. They are so grounded and normal, and I think that's why they've lasted so long." - Jodi about Westlife
  • "It really is a fairy-tale relationship. He's my soulmate."
  • "I'm such a family girl."
  • "From the age of 15 to 21, it's just been like a big blur."
  • "I love birthdays! I like the whole party and get-together, but I do like other people's birthdays as well. When it was Kian's birthday, I love planning and having surprises for him and buying stuff."
  • "When I got home on my actual birthday, he had organised 150 red and white balloons and hanging from the ceiling as well."
  • "He's a darling, I love him. I've always got on with Simon and he's been nothing but a gentle man to me. He has strong opinions but at the end of the day, he's just honest." - Jodi about working with Simon Cowell
  • "Eileen (Jodi's mum), is my rock. Everyone has days when it all gets too much and mum is brilliant. She's my amminition and she spars me on to be ambicious.
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