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Meteor Garden Cast
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Cast Description:

Shan Cai – an ordinary girl with a strong and kind personality. She has no siblings but two parents who are always longing to see their daughter marry a rich man. She has a few best friends, Qing He (O Ding Xing), Xiao You and Li Zhen. She is Dao Ming Si's love interest.

Dao Ming Si – the obnoxious leader of F4. He thinks that money can buy anything until he meets Shan Cai and realizes that he cannot 'buy’ Shan Cai. He used to have a fiery temper and almost killed someone in the past. However, Shan Cai is the only one who can make him control his temper.

Hua Ze Lei – the quiet one in F4. He is the kindest one out of the four and is a very good friend. His first love interest is Jing but they had no good ending. In the middle of the series, he falls for Shan Cai but remains a good friend because he knows that Dao Ming Si really loves Shan Cai.

Xi Men – the womanizer of the four. He has a new girlfriend every single week. However, when a courageous Xiao You confesses her love for him, he sort of changes for a while. But at the end, he is still the 'womanizer'.

Mei Zuo – the joker of the four. He's similar to Xi Men except that there's no female character for him. He is also a very loyal friend.

Xiao You – Shan Cai's best friend. She is bubbly, cute and a loyal friend.


Jerry Yan Cheng Xu -Daoming Si

Vic Zhou Yu Min a.k.a. "Zai Zai"- Huaze Lei

Vanness Wu Jian Hao- Mei Zuo

Ken Zu Xiao Tian- Xi Men

 (the 4 guys above make up a group in the story called the F4, which stands for "Flower 4", and also make up a boy band called F4 in real life)

Barbie Hsu - Shan Cai

Other Characters:

Qing He (Shan Cai's friend)
Xiao You (Shan Cai's best friend)
Teng Tang Jing (Lei's first love)
Daoming Zhuang (Daoming Si's sister)
Daoming Feng (Doaming Si's mother)
Xiao Ci (Daoming Si's fiance)
Shan Cai's parents

Meteor Garden Sayings
(A person living on this world, but has never been liked by anyone, would they be happy and live well?) Dao Ming Shi

(Why do we have to give up? If i could, at the first time we decided to brake up, i would have given up. Now, i'll never think about it, we will be together in the end) Dao Ming Shi

(When a shooting star has thousands of stars surrounding it, they are protected by the love angels. Before the star hits the ground, if it is seen by a couple, they'll have a mark of love and stay together) Dao Ming Shi

(If i lose Shan Cai, i'll even lose the strengh to breathe) Dao Ming Shi

(I don't mean to get into the troubles, but i've never came out of them) Dao Ming Shi

(If you run away, I'll follow, no matter where you are, even to hell, no matter where you go, I'll always follow you, because i want you) Dao Ming Shi

(I like you, I like you, like you till i feel ridiculous, in my eyes, there is only you) Dao Ming Shi.

(You're really stupid) Dao Ming Shi

(Even i, would want someone to care for me) Hua Ze Lei

(When you are flying the kite, it feels very far away, but there will always be the string connected to it, so you do not feel to bad about it) Shan Cai

(I really like you, but you just keeps on tearing my heart into peices) Dao Ming Shi

(It doen't matter, just hug me, even if i'll collapse) Shan Cai

(You're so skinny, if i hug a little harder, you'll collapse and fall into peices) Hua Ze Lei

(Why can't the person i like be you?) Hua Ze Lei

(I force myself not to think about you, but my whole brains on you, why can't you find happiness?) Shan Cai

(Ten minutes, no, five minutes, just hug me. In the day time i'm alright but at night, i can't) Hua Ze Lei

(Because i like you, i really like you) Dao Ming Shi

(Finally, i get hold of you, how can i so easily let you down?) Dao Ming Shi

(If you say that nothing happened, i'll believe you) Dao Ming Shi

(Before the sun shines, angels will go to greet the head of them, if at this time you light fireworks, you'll get their attention, and your wishes will be easily granted, haven't you heard of it?) Hua Ze Lei

(This is a dream, just like Cinderalla, but i hope that the midnight bell does not ring) Shan Cai

(When your tears wants to flow, if you do a handstand, your tears will not flow out, do you know now?) Hua Ze Lei

(I don't care about other people's business) Hua Ze Lei

(If 'sorry' is good use, then why do we need the police?) Dao Ming Shi

(At that time, in my heart there was only i thought, that was to protect you. If i die not, don't be sad and don't cry) Dao Ming Shi

(Did i ask for comments?) Dao Ming Shi

(I am a guy with good Size (sence)) Dao Ming Shi

(If you do not get the ball in, i'll let the time stop) Hua Ze Lei

(I'm a good guy, but not a good person, to me every girl lasts for a week) Xi Men

(If the boat does not flow straight, then let's just knock it straight, if my mum wants me to leave Shan Cai, that is impossible) Dao Ming Shi

(There was once a woman who overcame by expensive jewels, becomes materialistic, proud and looks down upon others. This woman, who only seeks power, wealth and status, unwittingly loses her dignity, soul and purity. A person's worth should not be measured by just whether they could play the piano, or if she is from a wealthy background or the expensive clothing they wear) Shan Cai 

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