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Introduction on characters


1. Daomingsi - Yan Cheng Xu

When we first get to know him, he was arrogant, badtempered but sweet in his single-minded, relentless pursuit of a willful lass, Shan Cai. He can move out of his palace to live in a shack next to her to protect her when a burglar tried to break into her home. But those days are behind us. Here, this is the same dimpled smiled man but minus his memory, arrogance and undying affection for her. He becomes another fool!

Now he falls for artist Ye Sha, Worse when Cai Zhi Ping finds it necessary to put him into several "poverty builds character' tests. He is no longer the poor rich boy. He tries to learn how to tie his shoe laces, fry eggs, waits on tables and cleans up messes! Please, the last thing we want is reality and a doormat for a boyfriend. We want fun, romance and fantasy. But he is transformed into a meek Cinderfella.

Daomingsi has been brainwashed totally. Can you believe it? He can be so nice to Teacher Liang - which I find it fake. He learns to cook - this is not what I want too. My last straw comes when he reluctantly agrees to stay with Feng if Ye Sha is found. I feel like hitting him. How can he go through the engagement ceremony - to please her or himself ??Agreeing to work in the family business is another stupid ploy. I simply disapprove of the way that Daomingsi listens meekly to all Feng's instructions. Where has our Daomingsi gone to? Has he disappeared into thin air?

Yan's acting improves but this role is not as comforting as the old Daomingsi. Actually I don't mind him to be any woman. But I detest of arrangement of taming him - I like him with lots of passion and fire.

2. Hua Zhe Lei - Zhou Yu Min

He is still the caring and adorable Lei that we know all along. Except that he can be harsh to Jing for ditching him - no one can blame him since she lets him wait one day in vain at the church for her. Shan Cai should have accepted him when she is rejected by Daomingsi.

Knowing that Shan Cai is lonely on Valentine's Day as Daomingsi is missing, Qing He sings on radio. F3 dedicate messages to her .Lei's gesture is the most special - he manages to get a tape of Daomingsi's voice saying that he will protect his future wife forever. This moves her to tears.

When Shan Cai's father commits a stupid mistake, he is there to clear his name as a thief. When she stays in a village to bear with the sorrow of parting with Daomingsi, he immediately keeps her company in this small town. He enjoys her company to earn money for the first time and gives her flowers with his first pay. Let's remember that he is the young master of one of the four reputable families like Daomingsi. He likes sleeping in a comfortable place but this time round, he can sleep anywhere!

He is helpful to Ah De and Ah Mei - but not without a purpose. To bail Ah De, he wants the ring in return. He has done a lot for Shan Cai but wins her friendship instead. The scene where he kisses her to console her under the banana tree is so sweet - causing anger and jealousy to Daomingsi who comes for her!

Shan Cai knows that Lei likes a violin very much but the owner refuses to part with it. He lets it go reluctantly. She takes pains to get for him will be his valuable gift ever. He also assists her in Japan's iterary to help in her tour guide job.

Many have said his acting in "Meteor Garden' is bad. He acts as well as his looks this time and some of his scenes makes up for compulsive viewing. Many will like this compassionate man. He knows that Shan Cai can never accept him but he is still caring towards towards her. Actually I have wished him to be with Jing again since she is willing to change for him.

3. Xi Men - Zhu Xiao Tian
He works hard as a manager to prove himself. He can never forgive his father for being a womanizer to cause misery to his mother. He even puts his father into a fix in public. Xi Men company is having a celebration and Mr Xi Men appears with his mistress. Xi Men says he is nasty to keep his mother waiting at home in vain. He even says that his philandering ways are inherited from him.

Xi Men works too hard to have stomach ulcer and has to be hospitalized. This is then when he knows the truth and stays with his father after his parents' divorce. His mother loves another man but Mr Xi Men forces her to marry him. However, her heart is not with him so he looks for other women in despair. Xi Mei becomes mature. He is no longer fun searching but is the capable assistant to help his father in business.

Xiao Tian improves slightly in his acting but unluckily, the scenes are very few and minor.

4. Mei Zhuo - Wu Jian Hao
He has been reluctant to go to work. Unlike Xi Men who is eager to learn and he really knows the ropes within a short time, his job in the office is only to sign documents and stamps on them. His family finds a nice girl, Xiao Qiao to pair him with her. He has all along opposed to arranged matches and spites back at her. But all his plans backfire and he ends up loving her.

Can you believe that he becomes her chauffeur and even helps her to retrieve her valuable cello from a river?? Do you like the change in him? I certainly don't like to see this.

Strangely, Jian Hao is better in kissing scenes than others. I still dislike his wooden expression and the "plastic' way that he delivers his lines.

5. Shan Cai - Xu Xi Yuan (Big S)
I find Shan Cai getting very reasonable. She flies into a temper when Daomingsi chides her for forgetting her passport at the airport when they are going to fly off. She threatens to return home to force him to apologise to her. She deserves to face so many changes because of her horrible attitude.

Firstly, she loses Daomingsi. Then she has to work part time to support her family and to raise money to place advertisements to search for him. When she sees him, he can't recognize her and is very upset. Despite all the things she has to try to help him regain his memory, she is crushed upon seeing what he has kept for Ye Sha. She is later arranged to work in Daoming company and quits her studies. She sees him often and their friendship blossoms. But he still keeps a distance from her. Finally, when he knows who she is, he is with Ye Sha and unable to be with her. But fear not, she is with him at the end of the serial again.

She asks for it for being so fiery tempered. The first part has an unreasonable Shan Cai who is sulking even though Daomingsi is with her. Later, she can be so stupid to believe that Daomingsi is in Feng's hands when he is missing. The way she questions her really makes me laugh. She promises to leave him if she tells her that he is safe. Of course, I will do the same as Feng to lie to her too!

I am not touched when she works so hard to try to help him to regain his memory. I don't understand myself. Maybe I have put up long enough with her bad temperament. Sad to say, Big S disappoints me here as she looks distant from Yan. She has not tried hard enough and pales in acting as compared to Part 1.

6. Ye Sha - Michelle Saram (Zheng Xue Er)
She is Budan's princess and is very protective towards her freedom. Her parents will not let her out of home so she flees to Spain. She accidentally knocks Daomingsi down and causes him to lose his memory. She helps him to do basic tasks and also the search for his family or friends. She falls for him in the process but learns that she is going to die soon of a muscular hardening illness.

Can you remember Zong Zhe - Xiao You's ex boyfriend who cheats her of her feelings so Daomingsi boxes him? This man kidnaps him for a ransom. He also beats him up. Ye Sha uses her looks to seduce him to give her the key. I feel sickened when she hugs and kisses Zong Zhe to steal the key. No sympathy but disgust instead as she is so unnatural. And also puzzled that Daomingsi can forget his fighting skills but never loses his table manners (when he is tasting Sha Ge's food), ability to speak Spanish (when he is in a hurry to leave Span with Ye Sha at the airport.) and his skillfulness in appraising wine.

She is determined to return Daomingsi to Shan Cai. After their engagement, Daomingsi senses that she is bad tempered and tries hard to please her but she deliberately avoids him. She even tries to act unreasonable to treat F3 coldly to make him dislike her. But through a drowning incident, she saves him again and realizes how much she loves him. She becomes so selfish to keep him by her side even though Shan Cai escapes from home and Daomingsi wants to search for her.

I am a Singaporean too and had wished to give Xue Er my support. But Xue Er is really bad. It is so unbearable for all of us. Fans of Tin Lok and Yan feel that their idols have wasted their voltage on her. One fan could say so harshly that she must be a rock/a piece of wood/granite valley in her pastlife. I also feel that she is not cut out for acting. How on earth did she land up to pair with dudes that many fans adore?

7. Mi Mi - Lai Ya Yan
Qing He pays for her school fees and she falls for him. She idolizes Shan Cai as she thinks she is a role model in working hard for success. However, she is an illegible daughter and has to be a dancer at a nightclub to raise her school fees. Qing He is unhappy to know about it and promises to take care of her.

This actress's plan to act cute backfires. By right, she is helpful to come up with ideas to help Qing He to assist Daomingsi to regain his memory but I find her very irritating instead. Most of the time, it seems that she is reading her lines from a text. She resembles Wu Chen Jun in looks except her beady eyes.

8. Teng Tang Jing - Qian Wei Shan
Jing flies to Spain upon knowing that Daomingsi is missing. She realises why Lei chooses the same church for Daomingsi and Shan Cai. Lei has unrequited love from her and thus hopes that the two can land up together. She is touched and wishes to return to him. She has a shock when he brushes her hand away when she tries to touch him. He replies that everything is over. They can never return to the past.

This shows that sometimes chances can only come once. Jing is too harsh to Lei once and thus has to endure loneliness in the end. I still think that Wei Shan is quite raw in her acting.

9. Yin Xiao Qiao - Wu Nian Ci
She is a rich man's daughter who is a good cellist. At first, she lies about Mei Zhuo helping her to get presents for the elders and sending her home. He is helpless and vows to seek revenge. Can you believe that she actually causes Mei Zhuo to jump into the river to retrieve her cello? She tames him in the end.

This character only requires her to smile so it is hard to gauge her acting. However, she looks too demure even in angry scenes - especially the part where Mei Zhuo kisses her unexpectedly in front of F3 and she slaps him. Or maybe this is the way that those grow up due to good upbringing will behave?

10. Chen Qing He - Ou Ding Xing
Still as simple minded as ever and is still rejected to be F5. But in here, he begins to show his wits. Xi Men and Mei Zhuo have wanted to seek Daomingsi out but the last few numbers of the contact handphone is unclear because Shan Cai's parents accidentally dirty the newspaper. The two suggest to him to use different combinations to make the call. He shakes his head - why don't they go to the library to extract the information instead? They praise him for the first time.

Knowing that Shan Cai is down without Daomingsi on Valentine's day, he decides to dedicate a song to her over the radio to cheer her up. He wants her to know that friends are always around to support her although her boyfriend isn't present. F3 sneer at his wild idea and condemns it. He isn't discouraged and insists of going ahead with his plan. But when the DJ is about to read his note to her and play his off-key singing, he gets out of his car and leaves her to listen to it alone in tears. Later, F3 supports his idea and follow suit.

He likes Mi Mi when he gets angry and jealous when clients try to get fresh with her. He pulls her away and promises to help her when in need. He doesn't look down on her and tries hard to cheer her up.

It is strange that Daomingsi can recognize him after his accident and not the rest! Is it because he is too comical all along? Daomingsi is annoyed when he tries reminding him too often about his incidents with Shan Cai. But if not for him, Daomingsi may not regain his memory so soon. Qing He suggests all to go for a swim. Daomingsi happens to see a ring at the bottom of the pool and memories flood back, to make him remember Shan Cai.

He is loveable in "meteor garden' but is so irritating in here. I also dislike the "in' hairstyle with plaits that he has in here. You may visualize him in the look at ex-energy member, Toro dons. Qing He is supposed to look more like a country bumpkin. Why the change out of a sudden?

11. Dao Ming Feng - Zhen Xiu Zhen
She never changes her style. She is still as cunning and heartless as ever. But I must refer Shan Cai and F3 as morons because they choose to believe that she has Daomingsi. Can she be so stupid to use the same tactic twice? She tries to bring Daomingsi home after he loses his memory. She locks him up and wants him to inherit the family business. However, he escapes upon knowing that she is going to erase his information in Taiwan. Still, she is concerned when he is kidnapped and tries to save him.

Although Budan has lost its influence in some way, she doesn't mind it. Daoming family has the riches so what they need will be fame. She forces Daomingsi and Ye Sha to get engaged. (Actually you may feel disgusted that Daomingsi is the willing party in this incident.) She even agrees to the 3 months arrangement for Ye Sha to stay because she knows that Ye Sha's life is short.

Feng has intended to frame Shan Cai at work - or rather to humiliate her. But Shan Cai manages to hang on and refuses to give up. Although she is forced to work overtime and is unable to attend Xi Men's company celebration, the guys meet her to prepare champagne to have a small party on their own after the reception.

However, we can't deny that she is concerned about Daomingsi. When she knows of the drowning case, she visits him immediately in hospital. But the company still matters to her more than his happiness. Daomingsi is disgusted that she knows of Ye Sha's illness all along and condemns her but she still doesn't realize her mistake till the end.

She is the BEST in this whole serial. She shines here as in "meteor garden'. She reads her lines clearly and acts well. She is like a fire in the darkness and it is so hard not to notice her. But her wig can be so fake to pile up so high on her head. Wonder whose crazy idea?

12. Sha Ge - Xu Xiao Shun
He is a wonderful chef who brews wine at Barcelona and also Ye Sha's great pal. He knows of Ye Sha's illness and keeps from the rest. When Ye Sha's life is coming to an end, Sha Ge pleads with him to stay with her to make her happy through her remaining days. He later opens a restaurant during her last days and misses her. But this place becomes a favourite gathering area of F4 upon Daomingsi's return.

13. Grandmother - Jiao Jiao
She is a kind but bad-tempered old woman who puts Daomingsi and Ye Sha up at her home. She even provides clothes for Ye Sha to let her celebrate with Daomingsi over his first success of finding a waiter job. I find her very petty over a small matter. Just because her lover gets the cakes that she dislikes (or can't remember the favour she likes), she refuses to give in to him for 30 long years! The poor man gets chocolate and other favours and forgets that she likes sponge cakes instead.

14. Mr Gao - Tsang Kong
He is successful as the businessman and Feng's business contender but he loses in love life. He has courted his love for 30 years without success. Luckily, Shan Cai helps him to win her back. I really laugh when Feng is annoyed with him entertaining Shan Cai instead to make her wait for him for hours!

15. Da Xin - Chen Jian Zhou
Daomingsi's friend at the fastfood outlet. He is a good basketball player but is also impressed with F3 for being able to play the game well too. He hits off with the 3 within a short time.

16. Ah Mei - Li Kang Yi
Shan Cai stays with her when she copes with the harsh fact of Ye Sha being together with Daomingsi. She admires Lei secretly and is frank to tell him about it. Although she gets rejected, she doesn't blame him for liking Shan Cai.

17. Ah De - Liu Gen Hong
He is Ah Mei's brother and also the thief who steals the ring from Ye Sha. He gives it to Ah Mei as a birthday present. Shan Cai is devastated to see it but still decides to keep it from Ah Mei. Lei knows what it means to her so he wants it back from Ah Mei after bailing Ah De out when he steals money from others.

18. Mr Xi Men - Li Guo Zhu
He has forced Mrs Xi Men to marry him through force. She loves his subordinate but can never be with him. So she ignores him after marriage. Mr Xi Men is angry and thus goes out with different women. He is strict but actually concerned over Xi Men.

19. Mrs Xi Men
She is a very quiet person who only waits at home for her son, trying to cook the food he likes to please him. She has no love towards her husband and are only together for Xi Men's sake. She regains her freedom only when he realizes that he can never win her love.

20. Shan Cai's parents
Still funny but more irritating. Shan Cai's father is working in a car purchasing firm. He runs into trouble when he brings Shan Cai's mother on a spin with a client. Luckily Lei is there to claim that the car is his.

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