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One Breathe Meteor Garden

Things about F4
Things about F4
Vanness Wu
Jerry Yan
Vic Zhou
Ken Zhu
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Kangta & Vanness

Jerry (Dao Ming Shi)
* Jerry loves to eat - maximum about 8 meals per day! Jerry claims that he used to 
   be a super-duper active sport player during his younger days. If Jerry ain't a 
   celebrity, he would choose to open his own restaurant, with good food being served on the tables everyday

* Jerry used to date a girlfriend who was 5 years older than him. He wants to keep a
   little secret upon being asked on the breakup reason. He feels that older girls 
   would be more mature, and that is one thing he looks for in a relationship. He also 
   reveals that age doesn't really matters to him in a relationship. He looks for 
   bonding between both parties in love, which he thinks is really important to keep 
   a couple going.
Vic (Hua Ze Lei)

* Though Vic has the good looks to charm just any girls, he was once dumped by a girl whom he was really in love with in High School. It was such a terrible period for him, that his weight started decreasing a kg everyday then. 
* Vic is the shy type kind of boy among the F4 but reliable sources show that he is 
   really good in telling jokes and fooling around like a monkey. Not to anyone but 
   to people whom he is more familiar with.


Vanness (Mei Zhou)

* Being raised in the States, Vanness inherited a whole lot of western 
   characteristics. He is active in sport and the independent kinda guy, 
   with a style of his own. Though good looking, Vanness has a flare for
   singing and dancing. With a family background - older sister was a
   member of Babes, everyone knew the path Vanness is bound to take
   in the future! 
* Vanness has a love for watches. Whenever he visited a place, Vanness
   would never fail to bring back some to build up his collection


Ken (Xi Men)

* Ken goes for girls who has a mind of their own, who can carry out their 
   own decisions in life and act towards it. 
* He has piercings all over his body - a total of about 7. Ken feels that its 
   like leaving a memory for every piercing he had on his body. 
* Ken spent most of his teenage times in Singapore in one of the interviews,
   he revealed that his first love was in Singapore with a Malaysian.

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