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Meteor Garden 2: Memorable Scenes
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Meteor Garden 2: Memorable Scenes
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Scenes that cause sweet memories/heartaches/disapproval/complaints/rage/disappointment???

F4 arrive late for their graduation. There are wordings made by F4 fans on the road - F4 don't leave! But their convertibles crush over them causing all to flutter in the air. This is done through computer effects. They are arrogant and rude to cut the principals' speech to demand for their graduation scroll. Later, they have 4 helicopters which are named F4 to let go of flower petals fro m the sky. Qing He finds it romantic and others find it cool but Shan Cai disagrees.

Shan Cai refuses to let Daomingsi pay for her trip and only agrees to make it a loan and she will continue to work part time to pay him back.

In Barcelona, both share a cake and Daomingsi eats an extra strawberry, He says he will spend his whole life to repay her. It is touching to see both wiping each others' lips with the napkins.

Daomingsi and Shan Cai sleep in the same room together but he still sleeps on the sofa - just like how they did in the holiday resort the other time.

When Daomingsi goes missing, Shan Cai finds the Daomingsi faced biscuits that she gave him on his birthday in a photo frame. She breaks into tears.

Daomingsi to lose his memory. That is the most stupid arrangement that I see so far.

Jing is touched upon knowing Lei's arrangement to bring Shan Cai and Daomingsi together in the church. She wants to return to Lei but he tells her that everything is over. I never expect him to be so cold to her. Maybe he is seriously hurt by her rejection a few years ago - when she left him waiting at the church for her for one whole day in vain. It is a sad scene where he sits alone with flowers in a suit but the doors close on him. Zai Zai's fans must be attracted by it.

Daomingsi always missing meeting Shan Cai. We like the dosage in Korean dramas but not in here. This can be frustrating. Some examples as shown below :

i) Daomingsi is no longer in the hospital when F3 comes to look for him after the car accident.

ii) At the Spain airport where he flies back with Ye Sha but Shan Cai decides to stay upon knowing
from Daoming's elder sister, Zhuang that he isn't in America as claimed by Feng.

iii) He wants to call Shan Cai but Mei Zhuo is angry that Shan Cai receives prank calls and scolds him. He
hangs up the phone then without talking to her.

iv) Shan Cai and F3 rush to the house where he is kidnapped by Zhong Zhe but he is no longer there.

v) Ye Sha wanting to introduce him to her at the bakery on a few occasions but he doesn't turn up.

Our young master Daomingsi is unable even to tie his shoelace. Later, he is desperate to find a job. He becomes a waiter but can't cook. So he has to learn how to fry an egg. Do you like him to wait on tables and mop the floor? I certainly don't enjoy it.

Teacher Liang is shocked to see Daomingsi serving him and is uneasy over the change. So do I.

Daomingsi cooking for F3 for the first time. They are touched but still miss the old Si and wants him to say his classic line - do I need your opinion to do anything?

Shan Cai gives Daomingsi the box of memories that they share but he shows her the things that he shares with Ye Sha. Later, she tries to help him regain his memory at the ice-cream shop but he is there to return all the things to her. She is overjoyed that he is closer in thoughts with her but is dismayed at his decision.

Shan Cai accepts Feng's challenge to work in Daoming enterprise in order to help him regain his memory. But he chooses to escape from reality to avoid thinking moments with her although there are flashbacks. He tells her repeatedly that he will not love her though he may remember everything as he loves Ye Sha now. He even wants to return all things that they both shared before because he has new things with Ye Sha now.

Daomingsi gets engaged to Ye Sha - this act sure breaks Shan Cai's fans' hearts.

Daomingsi agrees to Shan Cai's suggestion of giving a treat? This is madness! I still don't think a gentleman should do this! Especially when he is rich now.

Daomingsi is unhappy that Ye Sha has changed to an unfriendly person, not wanting to go to Xi Men's party with him. Her words of declining to know F3 hurt him and he wonders since she likes freedom so much and is so selfish, why consent to their engagement? He is so upset that he hugs Shan Cai for consolation although he still only treats her as a friend.

Shan Cai works overtime and F4 comes to look for her after Xi Men's company celebration. Mei Zhuo forces Shan Cai to drink more wine. Lei and Daomingsi quickly stretch their hands at this time, wanting to grab the glass from her to offer to drink on hr behalf. They are so sweet and gentlemanlike. They hesitate at the same time, only to help a drunk Mei Zhuo to the toilet.

Daomingsi can recognize Qing He in their first meeting but can't remember what he did to him in the past.

Daomingsi remembers everything upon seeing a ring at the bottom of the pool. He recalls how he tried to reach for the ring under the car seat during the accident. He imagines seeing Shan Cai and tries to touch her hair, only to discover that she is Ye Sha instead. But he chooses to escape from the 2 women as he can't bear to break Ye Sha's heart even though he loves Shan Cai.

Deliberate arrangement of Ye Sha having a muscular hardening terminal disease to keep Daomingsi by her side. This is so unoriginal. At first, she has wanted to return him to Shan Cai. But after saving him from the pool from drowning, she can't conceal her love for him anymore.

Lei does so much for Shan Cai - lying about buying the car from her father as he takes the car to go for a spin with her mother, consoling her when Daomingsi is missing in Spain, staying with her at the village when she is coping with grief. Yet, she rejects his love.

Daomingsi comes to look for Shan Cai at the village. He is jealous to see Lei kissing her. Both promise if they see a meteor shower, they are reunited. If not, they part. They wait for a night in vain and see nothing. They walk in opposite directions and don't notice the meteor shower which comes at this time!

Daomingsi evading from tragedies - he feigns that he hasn't remembered the past as he doesn't know how to reject Ye Sha. He knows he likes Shan Cai but doesn't know how to tell her that.

Shan Cai is nearly attacked by bulls in Barcelona. She is surprised to see a hand with the meteor ring saving her and he is Daomingsi. Both later kiss at the church. This scene should appease all fans' anger.

Interesting facts

This serial didn't follow the manga and Cai came up with her own script. Author of Hana Yori Dango, Yoko Kamio gave Cai the exclusive rights to take the characters beyond the plot of the manga in Meteor Garden 2. Maybe she will regret her decision now if she knows how terrible the plot has become.

Cai spent NT$7,000,000 to produce the rich F4. (I don't think Mei Zhuo or Xi Men look rich to me, though). They flew to Spain, rented a President's suite for Shan Cai and Daomingsi's intimate moments. The late Ke Shou Liang was in charge of the accident scene as the stuntsman - the car was worth NT$200,000, which was ruined within seconds. Yan felt a pinch in his heart and had wished that the car been given to him instead as he would take good care of it.

Jian Hao was a fast runner. When F4 were dining with Xue Er in Spain, he spotted a thief who ran away with Yu Min's bag. He quickly ran and caught him.

The 4 luggage of the casts' clothes were missing so they had to reshoot many scenes. Xue Er also lost her handphone to a thief thus lost all her friends' telephone numbers. Since only Xiao Tian and American born Jian Hao could speak good English, they took time off to visit the country while Yan and Zai Zai slept and watched vcds. But before leaving for Spain, the four penny-wise guys cut up their credit cards so as not to go on spending sprees.

Famous director Hou Hsiao Hsien had claimed to wish to help out but it didn't turn out the way he wanted and he left midway. He didn't even turn up on promotion day - was he unhappy with the way they worked? It could be a wise decision to abort working on it.

F4 had to look glamorous after their graduation so the make-up unit had image consultants to redesign their images. The Spain trip caused NT$100, 000,000 in the 20 days. The accident scene caused NT$400,000. The director reshot 11 episodes to delay for 2 months, wasting NT$1500,000,000. This caused Cai to be troubled, saying that money is wasted to make sounds in the sea.

The graduation scene was shot at Jia Yi Zhong Zheng University campus - this cost NT$100,000 to shoot. The four arrived with Xi Yuan at 5.30 a.m. 200 F4 fans acted as the students - 30 of them were from Hong Kong. F4 looked more like idols without the robes. Comedian, Peng Qia Qia was asked to act as the principal. He joked that he acted against F4 and he was F5. His daughter even wanted him to get an autograph from them. Zai Zai wished that this graduation day would happen to him in real life soon.

When the serial was shown in Taiwan, pirated vcds came to Singapore and many fans complained about the quality. More complained because it was very expensive to keep the different sets.

Yu Min was hardworking to bring his books to Spain to study for his examinations. It was said that his school had enough of him skipping classes and the media stepping into the school grounds without authorization. He passed all his subjects. This was the best Christmas present for him as he had sacrificed his sleep during F4 China's concert tour to study hard. His Taiwan classmates were afraid that he might be stopping his studies again. So they had a 'Help Zai Zai All Pass' operation. They helped him to take notes when he was absent and also gave him free tuition. He was very grateful to them and gave them a big treat.

Yan and Xi Yuan fell out with each other and this caused their fans to scold each other on the websites too. Yan was very upset that Xi Yuan said that he was difficult to get along and she didn't want to work with him again. She also stated that they were not friends, only colleagues. Many commented that the kissing scenes were realistic. But to her, Yan was too quiet and lost his temper easily without any reason. Thus she had to imagine him to be her real boyfriend, Lan Zheng Long to have the romantic feel.

Yan felt betrayed. His manager also found this remark surprising as he found the two chatting away in Spain. Filming was slow and he lost his temper but not on her. He was too tired for not able to sleep for days and thus this affected his moods. He gave people a weird feel because he was a boring person. He even had to be on the drip in the hospital for 3 days but had tried not to delay the shooting. He was so nervous that he often visited the toilet. He didn't understand how the rumours fly.

F3 knew that he was tired and thus they didn't disturb him during filming. After work, they called him to give him support. Those who didn't understand him would think that his expressionless face showed that he was angry with something.

Zhen Xiu Zhen feared that many will dislike her Feng character. But to her relief, an online poll showed that the fans thought Feng was tough and didn't really hate her. After this serial, she had many offers but she turned down because all wanted her to act as mothers and she wasn't in good health!

The shooting was delayed continuously. It lost many fans and Cai analysed that she didn't manage them well. If a person gets popular too quickly without control, things will go wrong especially when they are still young. The major problem was she gave F4 too much work and caused Yan's outburst. Yan had a press conference and wept, telling all that Cai had caused him to overwork, calling Cai a blood sucker. He was seriously ill and unhappy to reshoot scenes with Jiao Jiao, Tsang Kong and Xi Yuan because of the directors' demands. From being able to vent anger till he had no energy left, what more could they ask? It could become so serious that he forgot his lines and lost 4 kg.

Cai rebuked that she also had sleepless nights and got sick too but no one was concerned about her. However, she maintained that Yan was professional and wasn't late or left early. He was in fact the first to arrive at filming spots. To her, Jian Hao was caring and independent while Xiao Tian worked very hard. Only Yu Min was mysterious to keep to himself.

Jian Hao and Xiao Tian went to Hong Kong to promote this serial. Both said that F2 were busy shooting 'Meteor Garden 2 ' to miss the trip. They did not expect Yan to hold the press conference then. He was there actually to explain why he wasn't around on promotion day but ended up weeping and complaining instead. Some rumoured that he wasn't happy because Xi Yuan earned 3 times as much or he wasted his time waiting for her as she was always late. (But Xi Yuan's manager insisted that Xi Yuan was the one waiting.) That created the outburst but actually many knew that he earned the most among F4 but after the commission deduction, Xi Yuan still earned more than him.

Xi Yuan said that they didn't get have time so there was never a quarrel between them. However, the 2 weeks in Spain made her treasured her boyfriend, Lan Zheng Long. To be with him, she didn't wish to go anywhere. But many felt that she was unprofessional as for a new drama with Yu Min lately, she was late and always on disappearing acts. Although Yu Min defended her, many thought Zheng Long might have caused her to neglect her work and started to believe what Yan had mentioned.

Yu Min hinted that he wanted a normal life after citing that Yan was so restless that he had to be on a full packet of drip per day. Without it, he was lifeless. The Asia promotion day had the other cast present except Yan. Even F3 could not hide their weariness. The back crew claimed that Yan was acting but Yu Min revealed he was overtired. It was then the filming unit confessed that Yan had worked till 5a.m. and had to work again at 6.30 a.m. he could not take it anymore and thus had to be sent to the clinic for another drip. The blood vessels on his right hand turned black and the drip had to be inserted on his other hand.

The serial had both actresses liking Daomingsi but off screen, they fought to give him to each other. Xue Er spoke up for Yan too that Yan was very weak and they could not say that his sickness hindered the progress. It should be the delaying of the work made all ill. Why? The 6 months starting from April changed 4 directors. All felt it was impossible to film part3. Filming was so tough for this one and they would be mad to accept the next assignment. Xi Yuan said the first 2 months had a stop. Later, the return from Spain had another cease. She had discussed with Cai and felt it was better without a sequel. But she was willing to give the filming unit a chance to adjust. But since there was no changes, 2 directors quit.

She had not wanted to act in it to start work in 'A Chinese Ghost Story' but the contract was still existing. They spent 2 months to remake and it was supposed to end till October but they did not even finished one third of it. Partly because F4 was around Asia holding concerts to cause the delay. She didn't care much about the commission but wanted to finish the work early. Luckily, Cai had sincere chats with her for half a month. F4 also delayed other plans to focus their attention on the filming and thus she agreed to stay.

It was the first time for Xue Er to shoot an idol drama and first trip to Spain. In Taiwan, 800,000 viewers complained about Xue Er being the third party. The television station was forced to reveal that Shan Cai married Daomingsi in the end to lure the audience back. In the first 5 days, the official website had 300,000 complaints from all over the world. The television station nearly had to shut it down. Only when they got to see the note, their anger was appeased.

Later, their attention was turned to Xue Er as Ye Sha's role was too much - they referred her as a Filipino maid. F3 didn't have the chance to display their talents. Daomingsi behaved like a tame rabbit/retarded child and lost his glamour. They would not listen even though Cai requested them to be patient. She said she was hardworking (I doubt so too like the rest) and had let the television station go over the script. Since Daomingsi and Shan Cai have a stable relationship now, they introduce Xue Er to spice up the plot.(Is that so and necessary???). She said that many commented that Yan's acting improved although he wasn't as cool as in Part 1 because Daomingsi lost his memory so the opinion is open to all.

The numerous scenes of them missing each other nearly turned them mad. Many were too involved in Part 1 so the creativity in Part 2 was not appreciated. Xue Er received the most complaints since day 1. Many suggested calling it 'Meteor stable' instead because of the terrible plot. Some found it insulting their ears to hear mushy words that Daomingsi related to Ye Sha and preferred reading the manga instead.

Ratings shot up when she dropped out of the picture temporary. The audience did not like her to smile all the time like a fool - was she so happy owning Daomingsi? They didn't want Daomingsi to forget Shan Cai to be with her. Some even called up the station to threaten that they would boycott the serial if Daomingsi marries Ye Sha. Luckily for Xue Er, she left Taiwan for Singapore before it was shown. She could only find out how the ratings went by smsing to the station. She was English educated and only surfed English websites. Even if it was in Chinese, she could only read the modern characters. Thus the television station had a special script for her to read in modern Chinese.

But she maintained that the script wasn't changed to please the crowd and let Daomingsi return to Shan Cai because of her. Only a few disliked Ye Sha. When they shot the scenes walking on the Taipei streets, many even thought they were a couple. Moreover, the serial had finished shooting when it started showing. How to change it then? Like it or not, all have to accept the ending.

However, many envy her to work with F4. She had the most scenes with Xi Yuan and Yan. After being friends with them, she had disregarded the thought whether they are good looking. Among them, she got along best with Jian Hao because both could communicate in English easily. He was lively, loved drawing sketches to make her laugh. Xiao Tian stayed in Singapore before so it was easy to talk to him about Singapore food and he was a great cook. Yu Min was cute and although he doesn't speak English but he could tell jokes suddenly to make all laugh.

How was her friendship with Yan? She saw him everyday. Before filming, she heard that he was a cool guy who would not initiate to talk. But she found him easy going and because they had many scenes together, they knew each other better and started to have the loving chemistry. He is professional and has high demands on himself but he isn't temperamental, as she has never seen him cry. She finds his warm smile attractive. Despite the complaints, she still had commercial offers after the showing.

What makes to be Xue Er's dream lover? Before acting this serial, she only knew F4 from friends. The best would be a guy possessing their qualities, looks like Brad Pitt and is able to speak English. The 6 month filming caused her to have stomach upsets and also placed on the drip.

Yan's script was often full of notes. He would remind himself of the important details. There was once Xue Er forgot to bring her script home and he kept it for her. After each scene, he would fold the clothes neatly and returned them to the clothes unit. Xi Yuan was observant and Xue Er was impressed with her acting.

Cheng Xu went to the Phillippines to promote the serial and even received a warm welcome from President Arroyo. He was flattered to be able to meet her and had fun having helicopter trips. He complained that 'Meteor Garden 2' only allowed F4 to sit in it. He was so interested that he even asked if the country had old or outdated ones on sale. He wanted to purchase one and learned flying it in Taiwan!

If given the chance, how will F4 write the script? Their reactions as follows

1) Cheng Xu - Daomingsi died in the accident and Lei married Shan Cai 2 years later. Shan Cai looked at Daomingsi's photos and wept. Lei promised him at his grave that he would treat her well. Xi Men married Ye Sha while Mei Zhuo became a successful businessman. (This is undoubtedly Cheng Xu as he wrote the least on his role as Daomingsi and wanted to tire Zai Zai till death to give him the meatest role!)

2) Yu Min - Daomingsi lost his memory and met Ye Sha. They met a monk to meet 3 days later at a fruit stall. The monk brought Daomingsi to a castle to make her recall his memories with Shan Cai. If he wanted to go to the past, he had to fulfill 3 promises - to be frank, devoted and love her always. If not, he would turn old, ugly and also became a mute. He returned to her and both reared animals in the wilds to have a simple life. Lei was still single. Xi Men married his working assistant while Mei Zhuo became a famous designer. (This was really the dream that Zai Zai had wanted all along.)

3) Xiao Tian - The womanizer Xi Men became very devoted and was a successful businessman. He was an attractive man with Ye Sha who loved him. Daomingsi and Shan Cai had a daughter after marriage but she died after a difficult labour. Daomingsi took care of her. 15 years later, the rebellious girl grew up. Xi Men treated her as a daughter but Lei was interested in her to transfer all his love on Shan Cai to her. She declared her love for Xi Men and he wanted to reject her at first. He changed his mind and decided to be in love for the last time after contracting cancer. However, Daomingsi and Lei opposed to it and the war in business/love started between the 4 families. (Xiao Tian wanted to make himself as popular as possible as a love saint. The plot invited tears but wouldn't this require the 4 to attach moustaches to look middle-aged?)

4) Jian Hao - An engagement ceremony for Daomingsi and Shan Cai took place on a planet. Xiao You made a 3 level cake for the couple. After eating it, they went into a deep sleep and died like Romeo and Juliet. This was Xiao You's act to poison it because she loved Daomingsi. With no love rival, she lived alone till the end. (Jian Hao's brain was full of weird ideas and was creative to go against the tradition.)

After showing the first episode, CTV claimed that they were having the top viewership for this drama among the 3 stations. It was the third among the 8 p.m. timeslot with other dramas but it was really the first as regarded to the percentage. F4's wish after filming was completed - to have a good sleep. This should be a stop to it so they had a book 'Meteor in Barcelona' to put a full stop to the story. This was a hot collectors' item for all F4 fans. It came along with Christmas cards and a 2003 calendar.

In August 2003, the Filipinos were crazy over F4 when 'Meteor Garden' was shown. Yan promoted Part 2 in November. To make sure that there was no disruption caused at the airport, Yan was sent directly from the airport to the hotel by a helicopter. He was amused - Daomingsi's home was so glamourous and the first episode of Part 2 had F4 receiving their scrolls after alighting from a helicopter. Can this be too much of a coincidence? He even got to meet President Arroyo.

Yan feels that he resesmbles Daomingsi in some ways. Both are shy, impulsive and devoted. When asked what was the biggest benefit of this trip, he replied that having a helicopter trip was an unforgettable experience. 'Part 2' only made F4 sat on a fake helicopter. He was so interested that he started asking around to find if there was an old or condemned helicopter around. Many wondered whether he wanted to learn how to fly it in Taiwan. It was a joke but they never dreamt that Yan really considered it seriously!

Differences between the novel and the serial - I read it before I watched the serial and found them

Definitely no mention of Mr Gao and Grandmother in the novel, I wonder why this is added as this is so redundant. Mr Gao's role does resemble a role in 'Meteor Garden 2' comic version.

This part is not in the serial as well. When Mei Zhuo's family faces difficulties, he is helpless. Although Xi Men tries to explain the information in simple terms, he finds it hard to follow although he tries his best. But he manages to improve himself. He has suggested to Xiao Qiao to break up with him. Xiao Qiao chooses to go through thick and thin with him.

Never does Xi Men expect his father to be involved in it. It tests F2's friendship but he manages to send his father to jail by sending his criminal evidence to the crime investigation unit. There is a part when all find it similar to "beauty or beast' when Zhen tries to get secret information from her father's laptop - Xi Men does it in here too. Finally he is relieved when Mr Xi Men assures him that he has done things that he deems correct. Xi Men's only consolation is that Xiao You returns to him in the end.

When Feng makes life difficult for Shan Cai in the home dinner reception (You have to read the novel to find out, ok?), Sha Ge comes to her aid and spice up dishes that all guests praise instead of reprimanding them. Even Daomingsi and Shan Cai help him in the kitchen to make it a success. This nearly causes Feng to burst her stomach when her plan backfires.

Ye Sha dies in the book and leaves a letter to Shan Cai to tell her why Daomingsi travels with her to spend her remaining days. In the serial, she finds a match in her blood cells in Budan and survives. She believes this is her retribution in breaking up Shan Cai and Daomingsi. So when she leaves them, the curse is lifted. Thus she urges Sha Ge to pass the meteor ring that he finds in the flea market to Daomingsi so that he can return to Shan Cai again.

Feng loses the company control in the book but this is not mentioned in the serial. In the book, Feng is power hungry and collaborates with Mr Xi Men to ruin Mei Zhuo's company. All are sickened by her ways. Daomingsi's father is so angry that he removes her duties from the company - good for all of us!

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