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[November 7,2006]

Hey everyone! i just wanted to notify you guys that if ever you would need video files of your favorite TV shows i might have it in:

* Though, I just started it so.... DON'T expect that Im going to have every single one of them.

[October 14 2006]
Hey! I just wanted to inform you guys that we now have a forum! It's:

[Sepetmber 9, 2006]

Hey! We added new self-made icons... Check them out! They're always going to be updated.. so always check! -Trisha

[September 7, 2006]

Omg! Sorry for the late... i mean late update. Im just really busy with school work and everything. Im still not making updates. -Sorry. Trisha

[August 7, 2006]
Hey! Sorry for the late update... I've been busy... so I just had time to change the design of the site.. there are more coming soon.. sorry again for the late update.

[July 24,2006]
Hey! I need some ideas on what to put in the Kangta&Vanness page.. Please contact me If anyone has any ideas.. Thx

[July 18, 2006]
Hey guys! I changed the look of the site hope you guys like it..

[July 9,2006]
Hey guys! I added new things in the site. Don't forget to check them out! I need ideas on things to put in the site. please contact me. -Trisha

[July 07, 2006]
Just opened! Feel free to check the site out!

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